A Joyous London Holiday

When I came out from Stansted Airport, close to London, on the evening of 21 September 2010, my smiling daughter Syazana was already there to greet me. From there, we boarded a train to Liverpool Station after which took a bus to Notting Hill Gate, reaching her condominium at Cheniston Gardens, within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, near 1:00 a.m.

Our journey motion was easy as her house was situated just about 2-minute walking distance to High Street Kensington beneathground station. Londoners called it ‘the tube’ whereby the primary cease station is the Paddington station. Aside from the tube, we additionally took the double-decker red-colored bus which at all times arrived on time. As practiced by different seasoned Londoners, we too bought the Oyster card which could possibly be used when traveling by tube or by bus.

For objective of communicating with family and pals back dwelling, I modified the sim card of my mobile phone to an area one, called Orange.

While in London, my daughter brought me to several Malaysian food eating places, apart from the same old fast meals outlets. We had our lunch twice at the Malaysia Hall London cafeteria located at Queensborough Terrace in Bayswater area. The cafeteria was positioned in the same building as that of Malaysian High Commission. We also ate at other eating places within the Bayswater and Paddington areas, resembling Bonda CafĂ©, Tuk Din Restaurant, Delima Restaurant, C&R Malaysian Delicacies and Khan’s. After we did some shopping at Westfield, we had our lunch at Jom Makan Restaurant.

While I was there, Malaysian Meals Pageant was held at Trafalgar Sq. on 24 September 2010. Because it was a Friday, my daughter and I were only able to visit the festival and style the styles of Malaysian food after my Friday prayer at London Central Mosque situated at Park Road, Regent’s Park. It was a joyful affair except that the evening was chilly and windy.

Since my vacation was for about two weeks, my daughter had planned for us to visit a number of popular spots. One evening, we went to walk on the Westminster Bridge, above River Thames. Tourists all of the world have been seen taking pictures of the Big Ben or Westminster Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament. I used to read in a travel magazine stating that this clock tower (now often called Elizabeth Tower) is essentially the most photographed construction within the world.

Another favourite spot for vacationers as well as Londoners is the Buckingham Palace, the official Watch TV London residence of Queen Elizabeth II. It was advisable to be there on Wednesday morning, around 11:00 a.m. as there’ll a colorful parade called “Altering of the Guard”. The guards, in red coats, performed their rehearsal at their barracks first earlier than marching smartly to the Palace. Once I was there, the guards’ band was playing a well-known instrumental theme, a nostalgic “Mission Inconceivable”. Spectators clapped loudly and happily after they had finished it.

On 27 September, we had our breakfast at a well-known restaurant in entrance of our apartment, called The Muffin Man Tea Shop. Located at the corner of Wright’s Lane and Cheniston Gardens, this restaurant is famous for its sandwich and muffin. Our plan for the day was to go and visit a well-known landmark in Greenwich. It was about thirty minutes journey by train from central London.